22nd March 2018
Balustrade and Glass Safety Event

At Delta Balustrades we have been passionate about responsible balustrade design since our formation in 1984. We get satisfaction by helping people succeed – what better platform to encourage success than in the balustrade market that has too often been subject to cost cutting shortcuts and failures.


Stephen Boyt - Managing Director

Stephen tells us the 'Delta Story', from where he started, to where the company wants to go in the future.

Origins of Balustrade Safety

Gavin Boyt 
Sales and Marketing Director at Delta Balustrades Ltd

Gavin talks us through the origins of balustrades and their importance as a safety measure

Understanding Nickel Sulphide

Fraser Caithness 
Sales Director at Mi Glass Ltd

Fraser discusses the impact of Nickel Sulphide inclusions within glass products and how to mitigate the risks in construciton


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