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Glass Slippage Addressed

Nov 13, 2017

Line managers in all kinds of businesses challenge their teams to think of solutions rather than complain about problems. Here at Delta Balustrades, it’s a philosophy that we apply to our whole approach to market.

In order to deliver a solutions-based business culture in real terms we’ve put learning at the heart of our business. After all, if you understand a problem, you’re much more likely to be able to come up with an effective solution to solve it.

Take the issue of balustrade failure post installation, for example. By far the most significant reason for system failure is poor installation. If a high quality balustrade system has been specified to the correct loadings and due consideration has been paid to any special finishes required for the location – such as marine-grade stainless steel for external installations in coastal areas, for example – the reason for failure is almost always poor installation integrity.
It’s a challenge that Delta Balustrades set about addressing in two ways. Firstly we ensured that all teams responsible for installing our systems are fully-trained by us to underpin manufacturer best practice on every project.

Secondly, we designed an industry-leading bolt-through lug for connecting glass infill panels to balusters and handrails that not only ensures every system is fully BS6180 compliant but also prevents any risk of installation failure.

Our in-house design team has designed our bolt through lugs to ensure that it is impossible to install them in a non-compliant manner, guaranteeing full installation integrity every time.
It’s just one example of how we listen to the challenges of the marketplace and set about designing risk out of our balustrade systems, both in the way we manufacture every component and in the way we support improved installation best practice on site.

While balustrades provide an attractive aesthetic feature in many buildings, it’s important to remember that they are, first and foremost, an essential element of safety specification. Here at Delta, those principles are always front of mind and we will continue to innovate, providing balustrades that look great and perform to the highest standards following every installation.


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