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Let’s Get Fixed on a Subject

Feb 19, 2019


Delta Academy are proud to announce our new partnership with The Construction Fixings Association!

Fixings are a vital part of a building and can often be overlooked in terms of importance; do you know what causes fixings to fail or what types of fixings are suitable for your balustrade installation?

We’ve teamed up to deliver accessible training to the construction industry on fixing safety

During February and March 2019, Delta Academy and The Construction Fixings Association are creating online training modules to train supervisors and operatives in the use of fixings; with each course being accredited and carrying a certification.

If you are subcontractor don’t leave things to chance – BS 8539:2012 states, the installer should be confident to install fixings.

If you are a main contractor, can you afford to have untrained operatives or supervisors on site?


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