The Safety Video

The Safety Video, created in collaboration with construction industry professionals, encourages the industry to act against unsafe practices that may lead to a catastrophic event.

Barriers and edge protection make up only 0.4% of a project package, often the priority to provide a quality product is dismissed at the risk to people’s lives.

Accidents involving barriers have caused injury and death.

Glass falling from the heights of a Toronto tower block due to the use of friction fittings.

‘Spontaneous explosion’ of glass infills due to Nickel Sulphide Inclusion.

Collapsing of precast concrete stairs because of incorrect fixings.

Construction industry must ensure they procure quality balustrade systems that meet British Standards. BSI Kitemark tests the entire balustrade system to BS 6180 to ensure it can complete its role as a safety barrier. We must test the system.

Whilst glass can respond to heat changes in unexpected ways it is a durable and chemically stable product. Mitigating the dangers of glass is often down to design and specification. Specifying laminated safety glass instead of monolithic.

Even the smallest of fixings needs to be considered with care and in relation to the loadings, substrate and surroundings of a balustrade system. Always refer to the standard BS 8539 and communicate changes to the design team as they may require different fixings.

We must share the obsession of getting it right and providing quality. The consequences of not getting it right can be devastating.

Design for a building’s lifetime.

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