26th September 2017
Corporate Partner Training Day

At Delta Balustrades we have been passionate about responsible balustrade design since our formation in 1984. We get satisfaction by helping people succeed – what better platform to encourage success than in the balustrade market that has too often been subject to cost cutting shortcuts and failures.

Speakers and Talks

The Delta Academy was created from a passion to prosper the entire construction industry, by sharing our vast wealth of expertise and knowledge whilst continually learning from others experiences and views.


Stephen Boyt - Managing Director

Stephen tells us the 'Delta Story', from where he started, to where the company wants to go in the future.

Why the BSI Exists

Robert Hine
Head of Commercial Engagement at BSI

Rob takes us through the BSI Kite-marking Process, what to look out for and why the BSI Exists

Line & Linear Load Test

Gavin Boyt Sales and Marketing Director
Delta Balustrades

Gavin takes us through a Line and Linear Load test of one of Delta Balustrades product lines, to show how the product and it's fixings perform under industry load standards

Fixings and Substrate Suitability

Mirka Valovicova 
Technical Manager
Fischer Fixings 

Mirka shows correct usage of specialist fixings and shows us some dangerous shortcuts seen in the construction world.

Installation Challenges

Howard Cooper
Senior Pre-construction Manager
Delta Balustrades

Howard shows us 3x case studies on site install challenges and their solutions, and a few horror stories of non-compliant systems

Accredited Installer Scheme (AIS)

Anton Boyt Contracts Director
Delta Balustrades

Anton touches on the AIS scheme and how it helps to ensure quality, safe installations.

Our Partners

Highlights from this event

"One thing that really comes across to me about this business is pride, you haven't got that listed as your core value, but sure, that comes across. I thought it was an excellent day, the speakers worked great together, they were all linked in some way. It's certainly been well worth my time today, very interesting."

Gerald Laxton
Head of Procurement at Kier Group

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