Our Why

Founded in May 2017, The Delta Academy springs from Delta Balustrades’ WHY: “We get satisfaction from helping people succeed”.

The Delta Academy is a not-for-profit initiative and our regular events, conferences and seminars, allow construction and supply chain professionals to share in the latest knowledge and best practice across the sector.

The Delta Academy

Located within Delta Balustrades head office, the Academy offers a large space ideal for lectures, practical demonstrations, hands-on training and group discussions. Its flexible, open-plan format lends itself to a wide variety of configurations according to the purpose of each event.

The comprehensive set-up includes full audio and visual equipment. There is excellent Wi-Fi coverage for video live streaming if required.

The Academy has its own catering facilities and can accommodate up to 80 people in lecture format and up to 50 people seated at tables.

Expertise You Can Lean On

The Delta Academy offers a range of events:

  • CPD presentations
  • Factory tours
  • Interactive workshops
  • Staff training
  • Balustrade safety demonstrations
  • British Standards compliance
  • Accredited Installer Scheme Training

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