Why We Exist

We get satisfaction by helping others Succeed.

Our Why

Delta Balustrades commenced in 1984 with two staff working from a rented workshop inside an old mill in Stockport. Whilst we have a passion for balustrades – it wasn’t this that gave us inspiration to start a business making them. Nor was it welding, installing, hard work. None of these were our core purpose or reason to exist.

Our WHY is that ‘we get satisfaction by helping people succeed’. We wanted a mechanism to experience giving great customer service, rewarding awesome employees, looking after loyal suppliers, providing safe installations for future building users, and to be able to contribute to society, communities and charities.

Out of our WHY comes our HOW. These are our values or behaviours: ‘Think win-win, be responsible, and stay positive.’

The Delta Story

Committed to providing quality products and great service for over 20 years, the GFC in 2008 forced us to make some changes at Delta Balustrades that would prove critical to preparing us for a changing world. Our customers required more than quality, compliance and service. They needed great value for less cost.

After being inspired by the way some prestige cars are manufactured in lean, efficient and clean conditions, we decided to change the way we manufactured. We completely redeveloped the production facility and process with the nett result of reducing costs, doubling our capacity, and improving our culture and brand, whilst not compromising quality or service.

This also made us more sustainable, reduced Health & Saftey risks and supported our WHY by giving employees better working conditions.

Culture of Excellence

In preparation for the future our latest development is the Delta Academy. This is again born out of our WHY - ‘we get satisfaction by helping people succeed’. It has been said that Learning is what most adults will do for a living in the 21st century.

At Delta we are preparing for this by implementing staff training, AIS Accredited Installer Scheme, Skills NVQs for CSCS, sharing expertise with clients and industry, and many other activities within the academy.

We have a passion to succeed and want to inspire others also. We are better than we were six months ago - will be better again in six months’. Our strap line ‘Expertise you can lean on’ has been extended to the academy – ‘Expertise you can learn from.’

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